In a TB prevalence survey in areas with high HIV rates, the use of a mobile clinic equipped with advanced diagnostic tools like digital X-rays and CAD4TB enabled quick and detailed TB screening, identifying TB and non-TB abnormalities efficiently. Discover how this mobile solution provides rapid results, enhancing TB detection and management in communities.

  • TB Prevalence Survey in urban and peri-urban areas with high HIV prevalence.
  • A mobile field site was set up in each community together with the OneStopTB Mobile Clinic equipped with digital X-rays, CAD4TB (with Cloud) and laboratory (GeneXpert).
  • “Digital X-rays provided excellent image quality… also, an advantage was that using the CAD enabled to peak non-TB abnormalities”.
  • Thanks to the lab installed in the truck, results were ready within 24 hours; no need for sputum sample transportation to external sites.

REFERENCE: “Practical considerations for conducting a TB Prevalence Survey using the OneStopTB platform in Zambia and South Africa”, Chali Wapamesa & Michael Burnett, TREAT Study, presented at Delft Imaging’s Webinar on 14th October 202