The WoW truck, equipped with advanced TB diagnostic tools, focused on high CAD4TB scores to identify TB cases, even when Xpert tests were negative. This approach led to the clinical diagnosis of TB in a significant number of patients, highlighting CAD4TB’s role in reducing false negatives and enhancing TB detection and treatment outcomes.

  • WoW truck (OneStopTB Mobile Clinic with EasyDR X-ray, CAD4TB, GeneXpert)
  • Focused on high CAD4TB scores (≥80 while cut-off score is 56) though negative on Xpert test. CXRs were further evaluated by radiologists and clinicians.
  • 485 symptomatic cases with Xpert were negative though CAD4TB scores were≥80, and 307 (63%) were clinically diagnosed with TB.
  • These cases contributed 60% of TB cases diagnosed by the WoW truck between August 2020 and March 2021, and 100% of them showed reduced TB-associated symptoms within weeks of starting TB drug treatment.
  • CAD4TB can contribute to reducing false negatives from bacteriological test.

REFERENCE: “The 52nd UNION conference “Using Artificial Intelligence to Improve diagnosis of TB on the Wellness on Wheels (Wow): Streamlining Clinical diagnosis with the use of CAD4TB Scores”, Tukur et al,, KNCV Nigeria