Portable Backpack X-ray Enhances Diagnostics

Delft Light redefines mobility in medical diagnostics with its easy-to-set-up, portable X-ray system (PDX), conveniently packed in a backpack. Ideal for transportation by car, motorcycle, or boat, it’s particularly adept for tuberculosis screening in remote locations. Tailored for environments with high ambient temperatures and elevated humidity, Delft Light ensures reliable diagnostics in challenging conditions.

What Delft Light Includes?

A complete X-ray system inside a backpack

Delft Light is a portable, easy-to-set-up X-ray system in a backpack, ideal for remote TB screenings. Designed for hot, humid conditions, this 35kg unit runs on a high-capacity rechargeable battery, allowing over 200 exposures per charge. It’s fully compatible with CAD4TB, an AI-powered detection software.

In our experience, the Delft Light, noted for its portability and ease of setup, performs impressively with up to 250 exposures on a full charge and operational hours extending to 16 hours. The CAD4TB system, paired with Delft Light, offers high quality X-ray images and user-friendly functionality. The rapid generation of CAD scores, along with heat maps, significantly aids in not missing crucial cases.

Delft Light Whitepaper

Ultra-Portable X-ray Solution for Decentralised TB Screening

This whitepaper aims to support the Ministries of Health, National Tuberculosis Programs, NGOs and private healthcare providers in planning, incorporating, and implementing portable digital X-ray systems. These systems are intended for TB screening and triage, as well as general radiographic examinations, particularly in resource-constrained settings. It outlines the technical aspects, deployment and case studies of Delft Light, a portable digital X-ray system in a backpack. The document seeks to facilitate the practical implementation of portable X-ray systems with/without CAD, considering clinical needs, local infrastructure, operational settings, human resources, available budgets, and total cost of ownership.

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