Portable Backpack X-ray Enhances Diagnostics

Delft Light redefines mobility in medical diagnostics with its easy-to-set-up, portable X-ray system (PDX), conveniently packed in a backpack. Ideal for transportation by car, motorcycle, or boat, it’s particularly adept for tuberculosis screening in remote locations.

Fits in a backpack

Battery powered (>200 exposures)

Batteries can be charged via solar energy

Can be used anywhere

CE certified

  • Fits in a backpack

  • Battery powered (>200 exposures)

  • Batteries can be charged via solar energy

  • Can be used anywhere

  • CE certified

What Delft Light Includes?

A complete X-ray system inside a backpack

Delft Light is a portable, easy-to-set-up X-ray system in a backpack, ideal for remote TB screenings. Designed for hot, humid conditions, this 35kg unit runs on a high-capacity rechargeable battery, allowing over 200 exposures per charge. It’s fully compatible with CAD4TB, an AI-powered detection software.

In our experience, the Delft Light, noted for its portability and ease of setup, performs impressively with up to 250 exposures on a full charge and operational hours extending to 16 hours. The CAD4TB system, paired with Delft Light, offers high quality X-ray images and user-friendly functionality. The rapid generation of CAD scores, along with heat maps, significantly aids in not missing crucial cases.

Delft Light Whitepaper

Ultra-Portable X-ray Solution for Decentralised TB Screening

This document seeks to facilitate the practical implementation of portable X-ray systems with/without CAD, considering clinical needs, local infrastructure, operational settings, human resources, available budgets, and total cost of ownership.

Total Solution for TB & Lung Health Screening

Training, Support and Maintenance

We ensure uninterrupted operations, maximum uptime, and efficiency with a predictable total cost of ownership. Our qualified expert teams offer training, installation and reliable services & maintenance. This includes a 24/7 helpdesk with experienced engineers across time zones.

Single Point of Contact for Integrated Services

Procuring Delft’s X-ray systems and CAD software together simplifies project management with integrated training, installation, and support. Clients have a single point of contact for streamlined delivery, after-sales, and maintenance for implementation support. This will contribute to reduced total cost of ownership and enhance productivity and impact.

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