The total population of Kenya in 2020 was estimated to be approximately 54 million people. That year, there were an estimated 139,000 people who developed TB. Among them, 17,000 were children. Moreover, there were 67,354 missing people with TB, of which 11,394 were children.

In 2010, Delft Imaging supplied an EasyPortable X-ray system to the National Tuberculosis Program of Kenya. Today, that system is still operational.

Over the years, several sites received the CAD4TB software, using artificial intelligence to detect TB-related in collaboration with Amref Flying Doctors automatically.

In 2021, Delft Imaging delivered an additional 8 Delft Light portable backpack X-ray systems with the CAD4TB artificial intelligence software to the Ministry of Health of Kenya as part of the iNTP project (supported by the Stop TB Partnership and funded by USAID). The project included installation and training services and the necessary service and maintenance support.

For more information on how CAD4TB has been used throughout Kenya, please view the story of ‘Diagnostic Accuracy of Computer-Aided Chest X-ray Tuberculosis Screening: The Kenya National TB Prevalence Survey Retrospective Study’, as presented by Dr. Brenda Mungai. The story was presented during the Delft Q3 webinar of 2022. The implementation of the iNTP project in Kenya was also featured in a newsletter posted by Kenya NTLP.

Making a difference

In a study published in late 2022, CAD4TB was used on chest X-ray images from participants in the 2016 Kenya National TB Prevalence Survey, using CAD4TB 6 (note: this is an older version of CAD4TB than what is currently available). The study concluded that computer-aided chest X-ray screening is an accurate tool that could support community TB screening in high-burden countries with limited access to radiologists and clinicians.