In 2020, the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) had approximately 90 million people. Within its population, a staggering amount of 286,000 estimated people developed TB. Among them, 38,000 were children. Furthermore, there were 85,045 missing people with TB (15,660 were children).

As part of the iNTP project (funded by USAID, supported by the Stop TB Partnership), Delft Imaging delivered eight Delft Light portable backpack X-rays and eight CAD4TB artificial intelligence software installations in 2021 to support tuberculosis screening in the most remote corners of the country. The project was delivered to the National Tuberculosis Program, part of the Ministry of Health in DRC and featured installation and training services provided onsite and in French.

Make a Difference

In 2024, the Stop TB Partnership report highlighted the implementation of Delft Light and CAD4TB software in the Democratic Republic of the Congo to improve TB detection. These systems have significantly improved TB screening by consistently providing accurate X-ray interpretations, especially in remote areas. The project, supported by USAID and the Stop TB Partnership, has led to deploying these systems across four provinces in DRC, namely Kinshasa, Kasaï-Oriental, Haut-Katanga and Lualaba. As of June 2023, the initiative had screened over 11,000 individuals, identifying over 4,250 with abnormal chest X-rays and diagnosing 2,302 with TB.