CAD4TB has been developed by Delft Imaging in cooperation with Radboud Universiteit and the Lung Institute in Cape Town. The involvement of academic researchers from the beginning demonstrates the intention to deliver a high-quality and reliable product.

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Publication highlights on CAD4TB Performance

Publication highlights on CAD4TB Efficiency

Publication highlights on CAD4TB for HIV, Diabetes, Migrants, Paediatric TB & Prison-screening



Paediatric TB

  • CAD may provide viable options for use in TB screening programs to increase TB detection, especially in low resource areas where there may be no available expert radiologists. [Gelaw et al., Plos Global Public Health, 2023]

Prison Screening

  • Screening by mobile x-ray systems with automated interpretation could reduce the number of confirmatory tests required and enable screening to be more rapid in high burden TB settings, while still maintaining sufficient sensitivity. [Soares et al., The Lancet Regional Health – Americas, 2023]
  • Inclusion of digital CXR to systematic TB screening detected additional TB cases among inmates that would otherwise have been missed, and using CAD4TB may also improve performance of screening algorithm. [Kim et al., IJTLD, 2020]
  • High uptake of new screening tools such as digital X-ray with CAD4TB may be particularly feasible, reliable, and highly acceptable in prison settings. [Wali et al., BMC Public Health, 2019]
  • CAD4TB reliably evaluates CXRs from a mostly asymptomatic prison population, with a performance comparable to local readers in Tanzania. [Steiner et al., Public Health Action, 2015]