CAD4TB has been developed by Delft Imaging Systems in cooperation with the Radboud University Nijmegen and the Lung Institute in Cape Town. The involvement of academic researchers from the beginning demonstrates the intention to deliver a high-quality and reliable product. The publications on this page are a result of these efforts, and concern various aspects of CAD4TB:

Automated chest-radiography as a triage for Xpert testing in resource-constrained settings: a prospective study of diagnostic accuracy and costs, Scientific Reports 5:12215 DOI: 10.1038/srep12215, Abstract/PDF

Diagnostic accuracy of computer-aided detection of pulmonary tuberculosis in chest radiographs: a validation study from sub-saharan Africa, PLoS One 2014;9:e106381, Abstract/PDF

Automated Scoring of Chest Radiographs for Tuberculosis Prevalence Surveys: A Combined Approach, Abstract/PDF

Detection of Tuberculosis using Digital Chest Radiography: Automatic Reading versus Interpretation by Clinical Officers, International Journal of Tuberculosis and Lung Disease 2013:17: 1613-1620, Abstract/PDF

The Sensitivity and Specificity of Using a Computer Aided Diagnosis Program for Automatically Scoring Chest X-Rays of Presumptive TB Patients Compared with Xpert MTB/RIF in Lusaka Zambia, Plos One 2015:e93757, Abstract/PDF

Advances in Tuberculosis Diagnostics, Current Tropical Medicine Reports 2015:2: 54-61, Abstract/PDF

CAD4TB is incorporated in the WHO e-Health Compendium. Also, CAD4TB has been certifiied as of the 2nd of April 2015 (issued to Radboud University Medical Center as the research partner in the consortium). View the certificate here