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Discover how Nigeria is battling TB by focusing on equity in healthcare.


This is how Uganda is fighting against TB, one person at a time.


Read how Delft Imaging is helping Zambia’s journey towards better health.


Learn how Tanzania is making the case for CAD with Delft Imaging's CAD4TB in TB screening at 15 high-volume TB facilities and with mobile TB vans.


An estimated 46,000 people in Cameroon had TB in 2020. But roughly half were not diagnosed and notified as only 18% of health facilities offer TB services through unreliable tests for diagnosis. To evaluate [...]


In Uganda, an estimated 90,000 people fell sick with TB in 2020. Globally, Uganda is one of the countries that have a high burden of TB. To accelerate case detection and further save the [...]


With support from the Stop TB Partnership’s TB REACH initiative, icddr,b screened 655,751 people using digital X-ray and CAD4TB in the 4th most populous city in the world: Dhaka.


During a systematic screening in a prison setting in Karachi, Quetta, and Peshawar - Pakistan, 20,557 inmates were screened using CAD4TB with portable X-ray.  1,964 (10%) of them were identified as presumptive TB with [...]


To tackle an outbreak of TB in Kano Central Correctional Center, KNVC Nigeria deployed OneStop TB Mobile Clinic (WoW: Wellness on Wheels) equipped with digital X-ray, CAD4TB, and GeneXpert to screen 2,000 inmates. Compared to the [...]