Versatile Digital X-ray Machine

EasyDR has been developed according to the WHO WHIS-RAD specifications. Its U-arm can be positioned both vertically and horizontally, which can be used for chest imaging, and it is also suited for general radiography.

Allows for >90% of examinations

Very easy to use

Provided with a power pack for stable input and 2 solar panels

  • Allows for >90% of examinations

  • Very easy to use

  • Provided with a power pack for stable input and 2 solar panels

What EasyDR is

Compact Digital X-ray Machine

This expedient system can conveniently be installed in a mobile vehicle or in a container clinic. The Easy DR has proven its ruggedness and reliability in various settings globally. The system is provided with high quality power pack to ensure continues screening.

The EasyDR System has made working easier. I can work faster and reduce patient waiting times. Before we got the EasyDR system, the hospital had an analogue X-ray system. Having the EasyDR system was, therefore, very impactful. Imaging quality and resultant radiological diagnoses have greatly improved.

EasyDR Whitepaper

The impact of multipurpose X-ray system for TB screening and beyond

This document aims to guide the selection of optimal digital X-ray systems based on the clinical needs, local infrastructure, operational environments, human resources, and budgets/total cost of ownership.

Total Solution for TB & Lung Health Screening

Training, Support and Maintenance

We ensure uninterrupted operations, maximum uptime, and efficiency with a predictable total cost of ownership. Our qualified expert teams offer training, installation and reliable services & maintenance. This includes a 24/7 helpdesk with experienced engineers across time zones.

Single Point of Contact for Integrated Services

Procuring Delft’s X-ray systems and CAD software together simplifies project management with integrated training, installation, and support. Clients have a single point of contact for streamlined delivery, after-sales, and maintenance for implementation support. This will contribute to reduced total cost of ownership and enhance productivity and impact.

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