Versatile Digital X-ray Machine

EasyDR, a compact digital X-ray machine, adheres to WHO WHIS-RAD specifications, ensuring top-notch quality and safety. Its versatile U-arm, adjustable both vertically and horizontally, is perfect for chest imaging and general radiography. Designed for convenience, EasyDR can be easily installed in mobile vehicles or container clinics. Demonstrating ruggedness and reliability, this system has been successfully deployed in diverse settings worldwide.

What EasyDR is

Compact Digital X-ray Machine

The Easy DR is a compact X-ray machine that contains few components, making it sturdy and convenient to install, service and maintain.

– Multifunctional: suitable for 90% of all X-ray cases
– Functions on single phase power and batteries
– Easy electrical movement of the U-arm
– Robust enough to substain continuous use around the clock

The EasyDR System has made working easier. I can work faster and reduce patient waiting times. Before we got the EasyDR system, the hospital had an analogue X-ray system. Having the EasyDR system was, therefore, very impactful. Imaging quality and resultant radiological diagnoses have greatly improved.

EasyDR Whitepaper

The impact of multipurpose X-ray system for TB screening and beyond

This whitepaper is to support the Ministries of Health (MoH) and National Tuberculosis Programs (NTP) in the selection, incorporation, and implementation of multipurpose stationary X-ray systems for TB screening and triage as well as general radiographic examinations, particularly in resourceconstrained settings. The document outlines the technical information and case study of EasyDR, a digital X-ray system based on the World Health Imaging Systems (WHIS-RAD). This document aims to guide the selection of optimal digital X-ray systems based on the clinical needs, local infrastructure, operational environments, human resources, and budgets/total cost of ownership.