Biomedical Engineer
Location: Accra, Ghana


This role is to assist and advise in project planning, install and maintain Delft Medical Imaging Ghana, as well as the provision of any technical support for all medical equipment installed or to be installed.


  • Installs Delft Medical Imaging Systems in- and outside Ghana
  • Maintains (both preventive and corrective) Delft Medical Imaging Systems in- and outside Ghana
  • Evaluates the safety, efficiency, and effectiveness of Delft Medical Imaging Systems any time during installation and maintenance
  • Has (and keeps) records of all equipment (installed and under maintenance)
  • Stays in contact with Facilities/Programmes where Delft equipment was installed and Schedules preventive maintenance when applicable
  • Provides technical support to clients on phone/email (helpdesk) or on-site when applicable.
  • Acts as technical interface between Managing Director and third parties
  • Identifies the key performance indicators and assists the Managing Director in strategic implementation and periodic reviews
  • Provides technical reports on equipment, maintenance reports and training reports
  • Provides equipment related training (both on-site and in classrooms) for end-users and others (where applicable)
  • Takes up any (technical) issue assigned by the Managing Director
  • Provides project management for (technical) projects assigned by MD
  • Must be ready to travel inside and outside Ghana upon Company request


Must be:

  • Self-motivated and action-oriented team player with excellent communication skills, both written and verbal.
  • Professional, Service-oriented and Reliable
  • Flexible, Dedicated and a person of Integrity
  • Proficient in knowledge and use of Microsoft Office applications (PowerPoint, Excel, Word)


  • A strong interest in the integration of engineering and medicine with good attention to detail
  • The capacity to combine a high degree of technical knowledge with creativity
  • Have excellent problem-solving skills and the ability to work under pressure

            Must have the ability to:

  • Provide effective and timely information orally and in writing both upward and downward through the company communication channels.
    This includes presentation skills
  • Communicate effectively over the phone, in writing and in person with external stakeholders (i.e., customers)
  • Develop and nurture relationships

          Must have the ability to:

  • Work independently with minimum supervision as well as within a team, and take initiative
  • Plan, highly organized   and   prioritize   in   a   fast-paced   and   dynamic environment
  • Strong interpersonal and time management skills
  • High level of integrity – truthful, trustworthy, and reliable.


  • Minimum of Two (2) years’ working experience, preferably with Digital Medical Imaging Systems (DR, CT, MRI)


  • Bachelor’s degree in Biomedical engineering required
  • Deep understanding of Medical Imaging Systems
  • Experience with digital Medical Imaging Systems (DR, CT, MRI) is an advantage


Interested applicants should send their CV via email to by Sept. 24th, 2021