According to the World Health Organization (WHO), tuberculosis-related mortality is estimated at 25 per 100,000 population. A total of 20,181 tuberculosis cases were reported in 2013, of which 5980 (30%) were new sputum smear-positive cases. The treatment success rate of new and relapsed cases registered in 2012 was 75%, and drug-resistant TB (DR-TB) was estimated at 1.9% among new cases and 20% among previously treated cases.

Delft Imaging has supported TB screening for a long time in Sudan. In 2016, Delft Imaging delivered a OneStopTB clinic to Sudan – a mobile TB screening clinic to support TB screening in the country’s remote corners. The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) procured the mobile clinic. Within the mobile clinic, a multi-functional EasyDR digital X-ray system was installed, as well as the CAD4TB artificial intelligence software, used for the automated detection of TB-related abnormalities in the chest X-rays taken in the clinic.