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To optimize the use of digital radiology solutions and improve general knowledge in radiology.

The Delft Light & CAD4TB E-Learning Platform

The Delft Light & CAD4TB eLearning platform is an interactive guide for refreshing and maintaining knowledge. It’s especially beneficial for those trained long ago or for new team members without prior CAD4TB training.

A key feature of the eLearning platform is its offline accessibility. This allows all trained participants to revisit the material at their convenience, ensuring continuous reinforcement of their skills and knowledge.

The user-friendly app can be installed on smartphones or CAD4TB tablets.

Upon completion, users receive a certificate.

The course includes diverse content like texts, images, videos, and quizzes, covering installation, operation, troubleshooting, radiation safety, detector software, and CAD4TB AI algorithm insights, ensuring comprehensive understanding.

Chest X-ray eLearning course for general knowledge (for registered participants)

Our online Chest X-ray eLearning course, comprising approximately 40 hours of content, is designed to enhance the CXR interpretation skills of human readers. It covers a wide range of topics, including radiographic anatomy, normal variants and common pathological findings. The course also specifically focuses on features and patterns seen in TB cases, enabling participants to recognise and accurately find TB-related abnormalities in CXR.

The eLearning course is available in multiple languages through Google Chrome’s built-in translation feature.

A Medical Doctor and TB expert developed the learning objectives and optimised the course contents. Each chapter starts with a pre-test, allowing the learner to understand their initial knowledge level. The training materials include Tests, Images, Text, Videos and Presentations. At the end of the course, each learner can take a test to check their improvement in CXR reading.

Healthcare IT Consultancy

Contact the helpdesk and request our healthcare IT-Consultancy service to help you optimize the use of digital radiology solutions.