Detect Risky Pregnancies in Six Sweeps

BabyChecker is a smartphone-based ultrasound designed to make pregnancies safer. Specifically designed for ease of use by any health workers, BabyChecker empowers primary healthcare to screen potential pregnancy risks and ensure timely referrals.

Everyday, 830 women die from preventable causes related to pregnancy and childbirth.
86% of the estimated maternal deaths are in Sub-Saharan Africa and Southern Asia.

How It Works

Empowering Health Workers

This video showcases Community Health Workers using the BabyChecker device in a community health centre in the heart of Sierra Leone. Community health centres are the first point of contact for many expectant mothers, especially in rural settings. The BabyChecker mobile application guides health workers through the 6-sweeps, and provides information about gestational age, fetal presentation and placenta localization within seconds.

How? BabyChecker is powered by Artificial Intelligence. BabyChecker’s AI can analyse the images acquired by the 6-sweeps to determine potential risk factors. With BabyChecker, health workers can quickly spot potential complications, directing mothers to further care as needed.

Our mission: To reduce maternal mortality globally by making ultrasound technology accessible and user-friendly, wherever it’s needed most.

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Flagship Projects

Our BabyChecker tool is not just an innovative concept—it’s already making a difference at community health centres in various countries where maternal mortality is a problem. Here are some of our flagship projects:

Sierra Leone

Lion Heart Foundation and
Tonkolili District



Sierra Leone

Mansaray Foundation

Sierra Leone


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