CAD4Silicosis Box

Silicosis Detection Reinvented

The latest innovation from Delft Imaging in the realm of occupational health. Building upon the success of our CAD4Silicosis algorithm, designed for detecting Silicosis in chest X-rays, we proudly present a groundbreaking solution for seamless onsite detection—the CAD4Silicosis Box.

Software to Detect Silicosis

Supported by comprehensive studies conducted in South Africa (Ehrlich et al., 2022; Young et al., 2020), the CAD4Silicosis Box is engineered to run the sophisticated software offline. This means that even in remote locations without internet connectivity, you can achieve swift and accurate Silicosis detection onsite.

Experience the cutting-edge technology that redefines Silicosis screening, providing a vital tool for safeguarding occupational health. With the CAD4Silicosis Box, we revolutionize the way you approach onsite detection, ensuring a rapid and reliable response to potential health risks.

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