Tuberculosis (TB) & our Lung Health Solutions

Tuberculosis (TB) is a serious health problem worldwide, causing 1.3 million deaths in 2022. It can be even more harmful than HIV. TB is most common in places like Southeast Asia, Africa, and the Western Pacific, making it a big challenge for health.

At Delft Imaging, we understand the importance of finding good ways to detect and manage TB, Silicosis, and general lung health. We’ve worked hard to create advanced solutions for lung health that make TB screening better. When you explore our Lung Health solutions, you’ll find new tools and technologies that change how we deal with TB and lung health. We aim to create a world where the impact of TB, Silicosis, and other lung health issues on people is significantly reduced.


In the battle against TB, Chest X-rays stand out as a crucial ally. However, the shortage of radiologists, especially in resource-constrained settings, limits its potential. With the power of AI, CAD4TB bridges this gap. CE-certified and WHO-recommended, it swiftly and accurately interprets X-rays, making TB case-finding smoother. CAD4TB is a blend of technology and human determination to improve global health.

Digital X-rays

Explore our diverse and reliable digital X-ray solutions for TB screening. From the portable Delft Light and the versatile EasyDR to the advanced Delft Ultra, high-performance CompassDR, and the mobile M1 (Mobile X-ray unit), our innovations seamlessly integrate with CAD4TB, offering a comprehensive range of options for TB screening. The advanced technology effortlessly melds with a human-centered approach.

Mobile Clinics

A mobile healthcare solution designed for early TB detection in remote areas. This sustainable clinic combines digital X-ray technology, CAD4TB software, and GeneXpert’s GXP test, making it transportable to high-risk locations. With features like solar panels for up to 6 hours of off-grid operation, this CO2 neutral clinic can screen around 300 patients per day.


The CAD4Silicosis Box is Delft Imaging’s latest innovation in the detection of Silicosis in chest X-rays. Launched last year, this offline solution allows rapid and onsite Silicosis detection without the need for an internet connection. Supported by studies in South Africa, the CAD4Silicosis Box brings efficient and precise screening to the forefront of occupational health.

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