OneStopTB Clinic

The OneStopTB clinic is an all-in-one diagnostic, testing and treatment center designed to be taken into remote and difficult-to-reach areas.

Early Screening in Remote Locations

One of the keys to defeating tuberculosis is increasing the systematic and active detection of TB among the high-risk populations. To combat this threat effectively, mass screening is required to enable early detection followed by a quick response. But these high-risk populations reside especially in remote areas, due to the lack of health facilities and trained clinicians available.

To overcome this challenge, Delft Imaging Systems has developed the OneStopTB clinic.

OneStopTB is a tailor-made platform that combines digital X-ray, the detection software CAD4TB and GeneXpert’s GXP test. The best solution for tuberculosis screening in remote areas.

Better Detection, Lower Costs

The complete screening solution Delft has developed for inaccessible areas is the OneStopTB clinic. OneStopTB is a tailor-made, mobile platform that combines digital X-ray, the detection software CAD4TB (Computer-Aided Detection for Tuberculosis) and GeneXpert’s GXP test. It provides a robust solution that is easily transported over both paved and unpaved roads to high-risk areas such as slums, mines or prisons for a periodical screening. The CAD4TB software, combined with teleradiology, allows for quality tuberculosis detection even in the absence of human experts.

The OneStopTB clinic combines the power of Delfts CAD4TB software with a portable
X-ray and GeneXpert’s GXP test.

Self-sustaining Screening

The clinic is built inside a standard 20ft container and equipped with a lead-shielded digital X-ray scanning and control room, a laboratory for processing GXP tests, an optional battery pack, water supply, grid connection, a power generator and air-conditioning, UV lights and ventilation windows. Because the OneStopTB clinic has solar panels on the roof, it can go without power for 4-6 hours, making it an excellent combination of sustainability and resilience in remote environments.

The CO2 neutral mobile clinic can screen around 300 patients per day without external electrical power.

Delft Projects with the OneStopTB clinic

Lagos State

In February 2021, we successfully completed the last phase of the Lagos State Ministry of Health project which began in December 2020. Altogether 21 digital x-ray installations, including 3 mobile screening vans, 8 semi-mobile containerized x-ray systems and 10 room installations were made.


Early 2016, the National Tuberculosis Programme of Swaziland ordered a mobile OneStopTB clinic to screen around 100.000 inhabitants in Swaziland. They combined the EasyDR digital X-ray with the innovative CAD4TB software, which allowed for an instant triage of suspects. Besides this Delft delivered two EasyPortable X-rays to reach the remotest areas in the mountainous country.


Travel distance to a health facility makes it hard for people to access the healthcare they need. Two mobile OneStopTB clinics are visiting communities to screen people on TB. Patients can now receive the proper diagnosis. Infected people can receive treatment the same day.

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