X-ray Systems

Meet our digital X-ray systems:
Delft Light, Delft Ultra, EasyDR, CompassDR, MAC and M1.
All systems are multifunctional and compatible with our CAD4TB software.

Delft Light

The Backpack X-ray

The Delft Light is an easy-to-set-up, portable X-ray system packed in a backpack for easy transport by car, motorcycle, or boat. It is especially suited for tuberculosis screening projects at remote locations. The Delft Light is specifically designed for use in areas with high ambient temperatures and elevated humidity

  • Takes 200 exposures per-day
  • The whole X-ray system is fully battery-powered and runs on solar energy
  • Available through the GDF Diagnostics Catalogue and PFSCM/Wambo at a pre-negotiated price

Delft Ultra

Wireless, ultra-portable digital X-ray system

A compact, ultra-portable digital X-ray machine that allows the operator to take high-quality X-ray images at the lowest possible dose. Delft Ultra’s X-ray workstation is integrated into the X-ray generator. Delft Ultra is a wireless and compact system that is designed to enable an ultra-portable tool for tuberculosis X-ray screening. The complete system runs on rechargeable batteries.

  • Weighs just under 7kg
  • Produces high-quality X-ray images with the lowest possible dose
  • Wireless and compact design to enable a truly ultra-portable form of TB X-ray screening
  • Available through PFSCM/Wambo


Compact Digital X-ray Machine

The EasyDR has been developed according to the WHO WHIS-RAD specifications. Its U-arm can be positioned both vertically and horizontally, which can be used for chest imaging, and it is also suited for general radiography. This expedient system can conveniently be installed in a mobile vehicle in a container clinic. The EasyDR has proven its ruggedness and reliability in various settings globally

  • Runs on single-phase power and batteries
  • Robust for continuous use around the clock
  • Multifunctional and suitable for 90% of all X-ray cases
  • Capable of taking 300+ exposures per day


Simple use X-ray system

The CompassDR is a stationary X-ray unit to use for emergency and general diagnostic purposes. At its core, stands a state-of-the-art X-ray detector, which converts the X-rays into unrivalled digital images. The system is powered with batteries and solar panels, safeguarding continued operation when grid power is not available.

  • Variable table height, table-top floating in four directions
  • Wall bucky with adjustable vertical height receptor
  • Front tube control command with key buttons
  • Manual movement and manual system collimation


Mobile solutions

MAC is the new range of excellent mobile radiographic units designed to ensure the greatest ease of transport and positioning in all conditions, as well as unparalleled operational efficiency in general radiology, sports medicine, emergency, orthopedics, intensive care units, operating rooms. A variety of configurations are available within the MAC range, including analog and digital upgraded units with a Canon CXDI Wi-Fi detector – a wide range of advanced units tailored to the operator’s real needs.


Mobile X-ray unit

  • The M1 is a mobile X-ray unit whose patented design allows a clear forward view and enables easy and safe transportation and makes it ideal to maneuver in limited and crowded spaces.
  • The X-tech cellTM battery technology ensures the shortest exposure time and thereby sharp images not only at full battery charge but also at low battery charge levels.
  • The appearance and sounds of healthcare equipment can be scary for kids, therefore it is common practice to use a kid-friendly design in order to comfort and calm them down. Designed by kids, for kids.
  • The sleek design is not only easy on the eye – it makes the cleaning process simple with a minimum of sharp corners, hatches, or lids – places where dirt and dust can accumulate. An easy cleaning process is paramount in the hospital environment, as this lowers the risk of spreading infections.

Discover the Delft solution that is best suited for your screening settings. Have a chat with one of our team members to learn more.

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