X-ray Systems

Delft supplies X-ray systems for (mobile) clinics:
EasyDR, EasyPortable, Delft Light (Backpack X-ray), and our ultra-portable X-ray; Delft Ultra.
All systems are compatible with CAD4TB software and suitable for large X-ray screening programs.

Delft Light

The Backpack X-ray

The Delft Light is a truly portable digital X-ray system for medical use and is especially suited for tuberculosis screening projects at remote locations. The system comes with a powerful, yet portable X-ray unit allowing for high quality X-ray images. With the Mobisun solarpanel, Li-ION battery and inverter, all required components can be powered with a portable (6kg) solar/powerpack. The internal battery capacity is enough to recharge the X-ray and detector batteries and power the CANON laptop and CAD4TB tablet during a full day of operation. The backpack solution includes a high res. flat panel detector, notebook, protection apron and lightweight X-ray unit.

  • The whole X-ray system is fully battery-powered
  • It’s capable of over 200 exposures with fully charged batteries
  • Very portable: can be taken anywhere you want
  • The X-ray can also be used to diagnose fractures in general

Delft Ultra

Compact, ultra-portable digital X-ray system

In order to find the missing TB cases, Delft Imaging offers the Delft Ultra. The Delft Ultra is a compact, ultra-portable digital X-ray machine that allows the operator to take high-quality X-ray images at the lowest possible dose. It easily acquires images and wirelessly transmits these to an archive (PACS) via the on-board workstation, hosted within the Delft Ultra. By combining Delft Ultra and our CAD4TB, effective TB screening is possible in remote areas with limited
resources available.

  • Wireless and compact design to enable a truly ultra-portable form of TB X-ray screening.
  • Minimal radiation to patients with the lowest possible dose.
  • Maximizes your day-to-day efficiency with long-lasting battery performance
  • An integrated solution that seamlessly brings together the software and built-in workstation.
  • FDA 510(k) cleared system guarantees the quality of your X-ray operations.


Compact Digital X-ray Machine

The EasyDR is a compact X-ray machine that contains few components, making it sturdy and convenient to install, service and maintain. For easy use in low-resource areas, the X-ray generator functions on single-phase power or batteries. The heart of the EasyDR system is a Canon CXDI series flat panel X-ray detector, which has proven its ruggedness and reliability in various settings worldwide. This extremely robust system can be installed in a mobile vehicle or in a container clinic. The U-arm can be positioned in both a vertical and horizontal way, which can be used for chest imaging, but it is also suited for general radiography.

  • Multifunctional: suitable for 90% of all X-ray cases
  • Functions on single phase power and batteries
  • Easy electrical movement of the U-arm
  • Robust enough to substain continuous use around the clock


Digital X-ray for Remote Areas

The EasyPortable digital X-ray has been specifically developed for use in areas with high ambient temperatures and elevated humidity, like Africa or South East Asia. The compact system weighs only 65kg, but comes with a powerful (8kW) X-ray unit and Canon detector, enabling high quality X-ray images at the lowpatient dose. The whole system comes in easy to transport flight cases. These cases are sturdy, which allows for stress-free and safe transport of the system.

  • Unpacking & setup in just 30 minutes
  • The X-ray system fits into transportable cases
  • The system can be placed in any location, just 4m² required
  • With its powerpack capable of over 4 hours continuous operation

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