X-ray Systems

Meet our digital X-ray systems:
Delft Light, Delft Ultra, EasyDR, CompassDR, and MAC.

All systems are multifunctional and compatible with our
CAD4TB software.

Delft Light

The Backpack X-ray

Delft Light redefines mobility in medical diagnostics with its easy-to-set-up, portable X-ray system (PDX), conveniently packed in a backpack. Ideal for transportation by car, motorcycle, or boat, it’s particularly adept for tuberculosis screening in remote locations. Tailored for environments with high ambient temperatures and elevated humidity, Delft Light ensures reliable diagnostics in challenging conditions.

  • Takes 200 exposures per-day
  • The whole X-ray system is fully battery-powered and runs on solar energy
  • Available via streamlined procurement channels

Delft Ultra

Wireless, ultra-portable digital X-ray system (PDX)

Delft Ultra stands out as a compact, ultra-portable digital X-ray machine, enabling operators to capture high-quality images at the lowest dose. Its innovative design integrates the X-ray workstation directly into the generator, enhancing its portability and ease of use. Specifically designed for tuberculosis X-ray screening, this wireless, compact system runs on rechargeable batteries, making it an ideal, ultra-portable tool for health professionals on the move.

  • Weighs just under 7kg
  • Produces high-quality X-ray images with the lowest possible dose
  • Wireless and compact design to enable a truly ultra-portable form of TB X-ray screening
  • Available via streamlined procurement channels


Versatile Digital X-ray Machine

EasyDR, a compact digital X-ray machine, adheres to WHO WHIS-RAD specifications, ensuring top-notch quality and safety. Its versatile U-arm, adjustable both vertically and horizontally, is perfect for chest imaging and general radiography. Designed for convenience, EasyDR can be easily installed in mobile vehicles or container clinics. Demonstrating ruggedness and reliability, this system has been successfully deployed in diverse settings worldwide.

  • Runs on single-phase power and batteries
  • Robust for continuous use around the clock
  • Multifunctional and suitable for 90% of all X-ray cases
  • Capable of taking 300+ exposures per day


Simple use X-ray system

CompassDR, a stationary X-ray unit, is ideal for emergency and general diagnostic applications. It features an advanced X-ray detector at its core, transforming X-rays into unparalleled digital images. Uniquely designed, the system operates on batteries and solar panels, ensuring uninterrupted functionality even in the absence of grid power. This makes CompassDR a reliable choice for consistent, high-quality diagnostic imaging in various settings.

  • Variable table height, table-top floating in four directions
  • Wall bucky with adjustable vertical height receptor
  • Front tube control command with key buttons
  • Manual movement and manual system collimation


Mobile Radiographic Units for Diverse Medical Settings

MAC series represents a new line of exceptional mobile radiographic units, specifically designed for ultimate transport ease and versatile positioning under any condition. Offering unparalleled operational efficiency, these units are perfect for general radiology, sports medicine, emergency care, orthopedics, intensive care units, and operating rooms. The MAC range boasts a variety of configurations, including both analog and digitally upgraded units equipped with a Canon CXDI Wi-Fi detector. This diverse lineup ensures advanced, tailor-made solutions catering to the specific needs of medical professionals.

Discover the Delft solution that is best suited for your screening settings. Have a chat with one of our team members to learn more.

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