X-ray Systems

X-ray Systems

Delft supplies X-ray systems for existing (mobile) clinics: the Easy DR and the EasyPortable. Both systems are compatible with the Delft CAD4TB software and suitable for large X-ray screening programs.

Easy DR

Compact Digital X-ray Machine

The Easy DR is a compact X-ray machine that contains few components, making it sturdy and convenient to install, service and maintain. For easy use in low-resource areas, the X-ray generator functions on single phase power or batteries. The heart of the Easy DR system is a Canon CXDI series flat panel X-ray detector, which has proven its ruggedness and reliability in various settings around the world.


Digital X-ray for Remote Area’s

The EasyPortable digital X-ray has been specifically developed for use in areas with high ambient temperatures and elevated humidity, like Africa or South East Asia. The compact system weighs only 65kg, but comes with a powerful (8kW) X-ray unit and Canon detector, enabling high quality X-ray images at the lowest possible patient dose.

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