Training, Service & Maintenance

We ensure uninterrupted operations, maximum uptime, and efficiency with a predictable total cost of ownership. Our qualified expert teams offer training, installation and reliable services & maintenance. This includes a 24/7 helpdesk with experienced engineers across time zones.


Our Help Desk is designed to provide swift and effective assistance for technical inquiries. Expert support engineers at the help desk, including biomedical engineers, application specialists, power supply specialists and healthcare IT specialists, respond to queries and resolve issues promptly.

In most cases, we can address these issues over the phone or remotely by connecting to the user’s device. Our Help Desk is 24/7 hours available.

Contact details

Helpdesk Portal: Helpdesk


Phone number: +233 (0)501555163

Our Quality Policy

We shall satisfy the needs & expectations of our customers, in conformity to all applicable requirements, by understanding their needs and expectation and providing high-quality services during sales, installation, training and maintenance, that meet or exceed all performance requirements, while promoting full employee involvement and empowerment and continual improvement of our QMS processes to maximize customer satisfaction.

Single Point of Contact for Integrated Services

Procuring Delft’s X-ray systems and CAD software together simplifies project management with integrated training, installation, and support. Clients have a single point of contact for streamlined delivery, after-sales, and maintenance for implementation support. This will contribute to reduced total cost of ownership and enhance productivity and impact.

Refresher Training & Planned Preventive Maintenance

As part of our Warranty Extension, we offer Refresher Training and Planned Preventive Maintenance to our users. These sessions are organized annually for all systems, depending on the X-ray mode.

Interpreters are available to provide simultaneous translation in multiple languages.