The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has a low incidence of tuberculosis in the country. However, out of approximately 10 million in 2020, there were 8.6 million international migrants in the UAE (accounting for 87.9% of the total population). As these figures suggest, the UAE has the highest number of migrants in relation to population in the world. This makes TB screening, as part of health checks for people moving to Dubai, an essential step of their visa procedure.

In 2016, Delft Imaging delivered multi-functional EasyDR digital X-ray systems to Abu Dhabi to be used in mobile clinics of Mubadala Hospital with support from SEHA (Abu Dhabi Health Services Company). The EasyDRs were delivered with the CAD4TB artificial intelligence software, and the project included onsite installation and training services.

In 2021, we provided the CAD4TB artificial intelligence solution, used for the automated detection of abnormalities indicative of TB on chest X-rays, to the Smart Salem clinic in Dubai. The Smart Salem clinic is a state-of-the-art Medical Center under the partnership of the Dubai Health Authority (DHA). The project included the necessary training and installation to utilise CAD4TB in Dubai successfully.