Innovation in Action

Accelerating TB Screening in Low-Resource Settings with Digital X-rays & CAD

Dive into our webinar session to understand how digital X-rays and AI-powered CAD enable rapid, yet accurate TB case detection in low-resource settings.

Applying Evidence in Practice

Global Insights On X-Ray And CAD Deployment

Explore the significant role of advanced X-ray and CAD technologies in global healthcare. Discover how Zambia, South Africa, and Kenya are leveraging these innovations in their fight against TB, with insights from top experts.

TB Active Case-finding using AI & Portable X-rays

In Latin America Using AI (LATAM)

Learn from experts in Colombia, Peru, and Paraguay about using portable X-rays and CAD AI for TB control. Discover their project planning, implementation experiences, and how these technologies enhance TB case findings in Latin America.

Cross-Continental Scale-Up of Digital X-rays and CAD

How our partners harness the power of Delft Light and CAD worldwide

Discover global applications of Delft Light and CAD technologies in TB control, with insights from speakers in Cambodia, Uzbekistan, and Paraguay on implementation and active TB case finding strategies.

Strategising for Impactful TB Screening

Best Practices on Planning & Deploying X-ray and CAD/AI

Explore the strategic approaches for effective tuberculosis screening in Delft Imaging’s webinar. Learn how innovative technologies and collaborations are reshaping TB control, enhancing detection and treatment outcomes.

the applied ai for TB and beyond

The Applied AI for TB & Beyond

Scaling up the utilisation of X-ray and CAD

Dive into our webinar to learn about innovative AI tools for TB screening and diagnosis. Hear from Ugandan and Nigerian experts about expanding access and finding missing TB cases.

the new tools for TB detection

The New Tools for TB Detection

Global Insights on AI-Enhanced TB Detection and Diagnosis

Explore cutting-edge TB detection tools in our webinar. Learn from global experiences in Kiribati, Uganda, Ghana, Malawi, Kenya, Tajikistan, Ethiopia, and Vietnam about advancing TB case finding through digital technologies.

applied ai for tb screenig

The Applied AI for TB-Screening in Various Settings

Global Perspectives on AI-Driven TB Screening and Control

Discover groundbreaking AI applications in TB control through our webinar. Hear from experts about CAD4TB’s use in Indonesia, OneStopTB in South Africa and Zambia, field screening in the Thailand-Myanmar border, and mobile X-ray deployment in Uganda.

fundamentals of tb

The Fundamentals of CAD for TB

Exploring CAD4TB: Applications and Real-World Insights

Dive into our webinar to understand CAD4TB technology. Learn about its applications in bi-directional screening, high throughput settings, and real-world experiences.