In 2020, Jordan had a total population of approximately 10.2 million people. That year, there were an estimated 480 people who developed TB. Among them, 29 were children. Moreover, there were 230 missing people with TB (14 were children). However, Jordan also has an extensive migrant worker population that is screened for TB.

At Delft Imaging, we have had the pleasure of working with the International Organization for Migration (IOM) to support multiple projects, especially in the Middle East. In more detail, in 2021, we were part of the Middle East Response (MER), a project funded by the Global Fund, where we implemented a CAD4TB project including 24 CAD4TBboxes and various Delft Light portable backpack X-rays to be used within Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq.

In Jordan specifically, using artificial intelligence, several CAD4TB solutions were delivered to support the rapid screening and triage of TB based on chest X-rays. The project came with the necessary installation and training services.

For more information about the flagship project we supported as part of the MER project, please visit the relevant project page.