Solutions for TB Screening and Triage

We offer end-to-end radiology solutions for systematic screening and triage for TB. Our latest version of CAD4TB accurately detects not only abnormalities suggestive of TB but also other lung abnormalities, Silicosis, and Cardiomegaly.

Our solutions are available through procurement channels, including the Stop TB Partnership’s GDF catalogue and the Global Fund’s Wambo e-procurement platform.

Dive into our case studies to learn more on how our solutions have helped worldwide throughout the years.

2023 Case Studies

Check out our 2023 case studies! Dive into the latest insights and developments in categories like Active TB Case-finding, Key and Vulnerable Populations, Integrated Service Delivery for TB and Multiple Health Conditions, and Data Connectivity & Integration. See how the latest research is making a real difference and shaping what’s next.

2022 Case Studies

Explore our 2022 case studies and gain the insights about the impact of our solutions in areas like TB Active TB Case-finding, High TB Case Yield, Key Populations, and TB Screening in Children. Discover how a year filled with focused research and collaboration has led to meaningful advancements and results.

2021 Case Studies

Dive into our 2021 case studies to see the important research and breakthroughs in areas like TB Active Case-finding, TB Screening in High-risk Populations, Migrant Screening & Prevalence Survey, CAD4TB Effectiveness, and Bi-Directional TB & COVID-19 Screening. Discover the impact of our solutions in real-life settings.