Wireless, Ultra-Portable Digital X-ray System

Delft Ultra stands out as a compact, ultra-portable digital X-ray machine, enabling operators to capture high-quality images at the lowest dose. Its innovative design integrates the X-ray workstation directly into the generator, enhancing its portability and ease of use. Specifically designed for tuberculosis X-ray screening, this wireless, compact system runs on rechargeable batteries, making it an ideal, ultra-portable tool for health professionals on the move.

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A compact, ultra-portable digital X-ray machine

To reach the Global target of notifying at least 90% of people with TB and placing them on appropriate therapy, almost all TB programs have to detect more patients earlier. To support active case finding and systematic screening for TB, Delft Imaging now offers Delft Ultra. The Delft Ultra is a compact, ultra-portable digital X-ray machine that allows the operator to take high-quality X-ray images at the lowest possible patient dose.

CXR was found to be a sensitive screening tool that has an important role in the early detection of TB in children and adults who are at higher risk of TB, as well as potential to reduce the population burden of TB diseases when combined with early treatment.