According to the World Health Organization (WHO), Tuberculosis has been prevalent in Libya for centuries, with an estimated 4,000 cases of TB occurring in 2021, an incidence of 59 cases for every 100,000 people. Libya, therefore, is categorised as a moderate TB burden country by the WHO. The emergence of COVID-19 also disrupted TB service in Libya and decreased the detection and treatment of TB cases.

In 2014, Delft Imaging supplied five multi-functional, stationary digital X-ray systems to the Ministry of Health in Libya: the EasyDR. Each X-ray system came with the CAD4TB artificial intelligence software to assist with rapidly detecting TB-related abnormalities on the chest X-rays. The project included transport, training and installation.

Five Libyan Tuberculosis centres in Tripoli, Zliten and Bani Waleed received their new Delft digital X-ray systems as part of the project. Every Libyan and foreign employee needs a yearly health screening, including TB, to obtain work permits. Additionally, with the influx of thousands of immigrants via their Sahara borders, the Libyan TB centres play a crucial role in the fight against TB.