In 2020, the population of Tajikistan totalled 9.5 million people. That year, there were an estimated 8,000 people who developed TB. Among them, 510 were children. Moreover, there were 3,852 missing people with TB, of which 270 were children.

In 2022, Delft Imaging partnered with Medecines Sans Frontieres (MSF) in Tajikistan to deliver multiple CAD4TB solutions, the artificial intelligence solution that automatically detects TB-related abnormalities on chest X-rays. Delft Imaging trained the MSF team and supported the necessary capacity building in Tajikistan.

Later that same year, the collaboration was expanded, and a Delft Light portable backpack X-ray system was delivered to support the screening and triage of TB across Tajikistan. Training and installation services were performed accordingly to ensure the successful roll-out of the project.

In 2024, with assistance from MSF, we deployed 18 Delft Lights in combination with 18 CAD4TB, including service support and training contract to Tajikistan.

For more information on how the Delft Light portable X-ray systems and the CAD4TB artificial intelligence software have been used in Tajikistan, please view the story on ‘The Practical Application of Portable Digital X-ray Systems in Tuberculosis Service of the Republic of Tajikistan’, as presented by Dr Nurov Rustam Madjidovich. The story was presented during the 2022 Q3 Delft webinar.

Case Study

You can read the full case study “Active Case Finding in Remote Areas with Delft Light & CAD4TB in Tajikistan” in 2022 here.