Tajikistan’s introduction of Delft Light and CAD4TB in 2022 has significantly enhanced TB screening in remote and mountainous areas, leading to the identification and treatment initiation of numerous TB cases among key and vulnerable populations. Discover how this technology is making strides in TB control in challenging environments and diverse groups, including military personnel and mine workers.

  • Received Delft Light and CAD4TB for the first time in 2022 to conduct TB screening in remote and mountainous areas in Tajikistan, among key and vulnerable populations.
  • So far, over 3,000 people have been screened using Delft Light and CAD4TB, 146 presumptive TB cases were identified that further undertook Xpert test or clinical examination and 45 are diagnosed with TB. All of them initiated TB treatment.
  • In Sogd province, 2,286 people from the risk group were screened, 121 presumptive TB were identified and 43 were confirmed with active TB. Additionally, 360 TB contact persons were examined across the province, 18 presumptive TB cases were identified. 10 patients were diagnosed with TB and started treatment.
  • In the Asht region, 480 teachers and students were screened. Among them, 22 presumptive TB were identified. Further clinical examination and Xpert testing were performed. Treatment was initiated for the 3 TB cases identified.
  • Upon request of the Ministry of Defense, Delft Light and CAD4TB were deployed to conduct TB screening among military personnel in remote areas. As active case finding, 687 people were screened, 46 presumptive TB were identified. Treatment followed for the 30 that were diagnosed with TB.
  • TB screening was also conducted among mine workers and key & vulnerable populations

REFERENCE: N. Madjidovich (2022, August 31). Practical application of portable digital X-ray systems in tuberculosis service of Republic of Tajikistan. New tools for TB detection: How to implement portable X-ray, CAD & AI technology, Delft Imaging webinar.