Using a parallel screening algorithm that combines WHO’s four-symptom screening and CXR with CAD4TB, followed by evaluation with advanced diagnostic tools, significantly improved TB detection in Nigeria. Over 17,000 individuals were screened, leading to the diagnosis and treatment of numerous TB cases, demonstrating the efficiency of this approach in reaching at-risk populations and underscoring the potential for broader implementation.

  • All clients were screened using a parallel screening algorithm, including the WHO four-symptom screening and CXR with CAD4TB (threshold ≥ 50). All identified presumptive TB cases were evaluated with GeneXpert, Truenat, or TB LAMP. Bacteriological negative results had their X-ray images and symptoms sent to radiologists for review.
  • From Dec 2021 to March 2022, 17,261 (Male: 12,350, Female: 4,911) were screened for TB, 2,764 (M: 1,893, F: 871) presumptive TB were identified, and 2,639 (M: 1,819, F: 820) were evaluated. All 437 (M: 337, F: 100) TB cases diagnosed were enrolled in treatment.
  • The Delft Light with CAD4TB helped to improve access to TB screening among hard-to-reach and most at-risk populations, including men.
  • The intervention was found very efficient in identifying missing TB cases among these populations and is recommended for scale-up to more states in Nigeria

REFERENCE: B. Odume et al. (2022, November 8-11). Delft Light Backpack (DLB) portable digital X-ray for pre-diagnostic TB screening: results from a scale-up intervention in Nigeria. The Union World Conference on Lung Health 2022