Targeted TB screening in high-risk areas, using X-rays and confirmatory tests, reached over 11,000 people, diagnosing 249 TB cases with a majority starting treatment promptly. This strategy highlights the effectiveness of mobile clinics in detecting and initiating treatment for TB in communities, emphasizing the importance of same-day diagnosis and treatment.

  • Targeted TB screening hotspots and high-risk communities mapped using programme data and disease burden.
  • Conducted screening using X-rays to identify presumptive TB patients confirmatory laboratory testing.
  • From May 2022 to September 2022, 11,435 people were reached with mobile TB clinic services and 630 (6%) had abnormal CXR. 249
  • TB cases were diagnosed (TB yield was 3.0%) and 84% promptly started TB treatment.
  • 151 people (51%) had bacteriological confirmation by GeneXpert, 28% (1,038/3,752) pending GX results. The five rifampicin-resistant TB cases were notified from the community.
  • Presumptive patients are tested using GeneXpert for same-day diagnosis and initiation of treatment. Your Content Goes Here

REFERENCE: T. Stavia (2022, November 2). Expanding access to new Tools for TB screening and diagnosis: Experience digital X-rays and CAD4TB in Uganda. Applied AI for TB and beyond: Scaling up the utilisation of X-ray and CAD, Delft Imaging webinar.