Kenya’s NTP has enhanced TB screening and diagnosis with new tools like Delft Light X-rays and CAD4TB, integrated into the national TB data system, TIBULIMS, for streamlined data access and improved diagnostics. Learn more about how this integration facilitates real-time data viewing and supports efficient TB diagnosis across different locations.

Photo credit: Wycliffe Onyango // Source: The National Tuberculosis, Leprosy and Lung Disease Program’s // Location: Kenya.

Through iNTP supported by USAID, Kenya NTP has acquired new tools for TB screening and diagnosis, including Delft Light ultra-portable X-rays and CAD4TB. NTP decided to integrate data from these new tools into the existing national TB data system, TIBULIMS, which has been integrating GeneXpert results.

The integration aims to centralise all CAD4TB data into TIBULIMS, enabling real-time data viewing from various locations.

After assessments to determine the necessary data inputs, an API gateway was set up for information exchange to collect data in line with the M&E framework. Dashboard and reporting functions were also developed.

By integrating CAD4TB and TIBULIMS, users can access CXR images and CAD4TB results from anywhere with just a few clicks, enabling Radiologists to create the best possible report based on patient data and reduce turnaround time for reporting.

The systems integrate laboratory test results. Thus, reviewing the test results of Presumptive TB cases based on CXR and CAD4TB outputs in one system is possible.

By expanding the connectivity and network, TB diagnostic tools used in the field are connected to TIBULIMS, making it easier to integrate devices into the system in the future.

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