Discover the Wellness on Keke (WoK), a mobile health clinic that helps deliver healthcare in remote areas. It offers services like COVID-19 vaccinations and TB detection, proving effective in hard-to-reach locations. Learn more about how WoK is making a difference.

Source: Wellness-on-Keke, the Glovax Project // Location: Nigeria // Organisation: KNCV Nigeria, USAID/Nigeria.

The Wellness on Keke (WoK) is a locally assembled tricycle one-stop-shop mobile health clinic with AI-enabled ultra-portable X-ray and Truenat, targeting hard-to-reach, difficult-terrain areas. The WoK also contains a solar-powered vaccine carrier, relevant consumables for COVID-19 vaccination, and a first aid kit. The integrated TB/COVID-19 WoK intervention was introduced to cover those areas efficiently and improve COVID-19 vaccination uptake with minimal cost.

From October 2022 to January 2023, the WoK was deployed every week to hard-to-reach & difficult terrain areas to provide integrated service, including free blood pressure monitoring, serum glucose check, malaria testing, and dispensing basic medicines when available.

7,199 more COVID vaccinations were administered, accounting for a 1% contribution of 719,371 vaccinations from various interventions. The same WoK intervention identified 1,270 presumptive TB, with 100% evaluation linkage and a TB yield of 25%.

The WoK intervention can be a useful tool to provide integrated point-of-care TB services, including COVID-19 vaccination, in a cost-efficient manner, especially in hard-to-reach or rural areas. There are more opportunities to provide expanded medical services, such as surveillance and control of non-communicable diseases like hypertension & diabetes, using the integrated WoK intervention.

REFERENCE: Babayi, A. (2023, November 15-18). Leveraging active TB case-finding using the Wellness-on-Keke intervention in the community to improve COVID-19 vaccine uptake in Nigeria [Conference session]. The Union World Conference on Lung Health 2023, Paris, France.