Screening migrant farm workers in the Thailand-Myanmar border area using CAD4TB identified a significant number of presumptive TB cases, leading to further diagnostic tests and TB diagnoses, including in asymptomatic individuals. Explore how this targeted approach aids in detecting TB among populations facing barriers to healthcare access.

  • Screening migrants in the border area of Thailand–Myanmar, target population with difficulties visiting local hospitals.
  • 1,318 Myanmar migrant farm workers were screened with CAD4TB (end of 2019until middle of 2021). 17% (226) were presumptive TB cases due to abnormal CXR and/or positive symptoms. Presumptive TB cases led to sputum microscopy and GeneXpert test.
  • 12% (165 participants) had abnormal CXR findings and 12% (16) of those were diagnosed with TB. Among them, 13 had smear negative pulmonary TB and the other 3 were positive. For the 16 participants with a TB diagnosis, the median CAD4TB score was 70 and 14 had a score above 50. Non-TB participants had a CAD4TB score median of 43.10 out of 16 people were asymptomatic

REFERENCE: “Field TB screening of migrants living in Thailand-Myanmar Border Area with CAD4TB”,Dr Banyar M., SMRU (Shoklo Malaria Research Unit) presented at Delft Imaging’s Webinar on 14th October 2021