The “WoW” truck’s integrated testing approach, highlighted in a WHO case study, showcased its effectiveness in TB, COVID-19, and HIV screening, diagnosing multiple cases across these diseases. This model provided crucial early diagnosis and treatment linkage, demonstrating a successful strategy for addressing concurrent health challenges in communities.

  • Integrated testing using a “WoW” truck (OneStopTB Mobile Clinic with EasyDR X-ray, CAD4TB, GeneXpert) was selected for the WHO case study.
  • From June to July 2020, 1,931 persons enrolled and 1,928 (99.8%) were screened using CAD4TB X-rays. 83 presumptive TB cases were identified; 11 (13%) cases of TB were diagnosed with GeneXpert. Among the persons screened, 1,252 nasopharyngeal swabs were collected and tested for SARS COV-2 and all were screened for HIV.
  • 183 (15%) COVID-19 and 12 (1.0%) HIV cases were diagnosed. The COVID-19/HIV co-infection rate was 0.5% and COVID/TB co-infection rate was 0%.
  • The community integrated platform provided access to early diagnosis and a linkage to treatment for TB and COVID-19.

REFERENCE: “Using CAD in bi-directional screening”, Dr Bethrand Odume (KNCV Nigeria) presented at Delft Imaging’s Webinar on 30th June 2021. Gidado et al., “Early experience in implementation of an integrated covid-19 and TB community-based active case finding in Nigeria”, researchgate, October 2020.