The Eradicate TB Project in Zambia’s high-burden province significantly boosted TB case notifications by 49% using the MOST clinic at key hotspots. Learn about the impactful role of mobile clinics in enhancing TB detection and how expanding this innovation could bridge the gap in TB incidence and notification.

  • Eradicate TB Project 
  • Intensified TB case finding in province with highest TB burden in Zambia.
  • MOST deployed for screening at 30 TB hotspots.
  • TB notification increased by 49% through introduction of the mobile clinic.
  • “Use of the MOST clinic is making a significant contribution to TB case notifications in the Copperbelt Province in Zambia. Scaling up the MOST clinic innovation to other provinces could help close the gap between notified TB patients and estimated incidence”.

REFERENCE The 52nd UNION conference “Intensified TB case finding in Copperbelt Province, Zambia: Contribution of Mobile One-Stop TB Clinic”, Onety Hanyuma, PATH Zambia.