TB screening in high-burden districts and hotspots through health facilities and community outreach revealed crucial findings, with a higher yield at health facilities, particularly among people living with HIV and TB contacts. Discover the impact of mobile digital X-ray screenings in identifying TB cases across different settings.

  • TB case finding at health facilities serving for high TB burden districts and for community outreach in TB hotspots and populations with high risk of TB.
  • At health facilities (June 2020 to May 2021), 1,308 individuals were screened with X-ray, 281 (21%) had abnormal X-ray, 241 (86%) were tested by GeneXpert, and 35 (14%) were confirmed with TB (72% males, 51% HIV positive, 54% TB contacts).
  • At community settings (in March 2021), 1,403 clients were screened with X-ray. 189 (13.5%) had abnormal X-ray and were tested by GeneXpert, and 12 (6.3%) were confirmed to have TB.
  • “TB screening using mobile digital X-ray has higher yield of TB when used at health facilities, compared to community setting, especially among PLHIV and TB contact.”

REFERENCE: The 52nd UNION conference “Optimizing use of mobile digital X-ray with CAD4TBamong populations at increased risk for TB to increase Tuberculosis case detection in Uganda”, Dr. Aldo Burua, the National Tuberculosis and Leprosy Program, Uganda