At community outreach camps, a massive active case-finding initiative screened over 62,000 individuals, identifying and diagnosing a significant number of TB cases, including drug-resistant strains. Learn how this approach is effectively uncovering missed TB cases, facilitating early diagnosis and treatment in challenging areas.

  • Active case finding (ACF) was conducted at community outreach camps to find missing TB cases.
  • 78,885 individuals visited camps. 62,656 (79%) were screened with digital X-rays, 12,661 were identified as presumptive TB cases (CAD4TB score ≥70) and tested with Xpert.
  • Those having a CAD4TB score between 50 and 70 were clinically evaluated by a doctor.
  • 1,187 were bacteriologically positive, 1,627 were clinically diagnosed, 62 were EP and 37 were detected as having RR-TB.
  • ACF intervention is an effective strategy to find missing TB cases in hard-to-reach areas and enables early TB diagnosis.

REFERENCE: The 52nd UNION conference “Implementation of an active case-finding intervention by using mobile vans equipped with digital X-rays and Gene Xpert machines to reach the missing TB cases in Pakistan” Sidra Azmat Mercy Corps, Pakistan, Merch Corps.

“Mercy corps’ experience with cad4tb” Dr. Tahir, Mercy Corps Pakistan, presented at Delft Imaging’s Webinar on 30th June 2021.