At Kano Central Correctional Center, a high-risk TB transmission setting, the deployment of the OneStop TB Mobile Clinic significantly improved TB case finding, diagnosing 21 cases in just two weeks compared to 7 in the previous year. Learn how this targeted intervention using CAD4TB effectively identified TB cases among inmates, showcasing the potential for similar strategies in comparable environments.

  • TB case finding at Kano Central Correctional Center in a high-risk setting for transmission of TB.
  • OneStop TB Mobile Clinic (WoW: Wellness on Wheels) deployed to screen inmates.
  • 1,967 (98%) were screened with X-rays using CAD4TB, 92 (5%) presumptive TB cases (CAD4TB score ≥60 and/or symptomatic), 21 TB cases diagnosed.
  • 23% TB case yield.
  • Intervention was highly effective and significantly increased TB case finding in a short period of time (21 TB cases identified over 2 weeks while only 7 cases were found over the previous year).

REFERENCE: The 52nd UNION conference “Report of an outbreak of Tuberculosis in Kano Central Correctional Center, Kano, Nigeria”, Tukur et al., KNCV Nigeria