In just four months, a community-based TB active case-finding initiative in Nigeria’s Delta Region screened over 6,000 individuals, identifying and diagnosing numerous TB cases, proving especially effective in hard-to-reach areas. Learn more about how this approach is successfully uncovering and treating TB in underserved communities.

  • Community-based TB ACF in hard-to-reach areas in Nigeria Delta Region.
  • In 4 months, 6,232 people (Children 4+ years and adults) with TB symptoms were enrolled, 6,218 were screened, and 778 were identified as presumptive TB (CAD4TB Score of ≥60). 757 cases were evaluated by Xpert and 70 cases were diagnosed with TB.
  • Number Needed to Screen (NNS) with this approach was more favorable than intervention with WoW mobile clinic.
  • Active case finding with Delft Light and CAD4TB can be more effective in finding missing TB cases, especially among the underserved hard-to-reach population in rural communities.

REFERENCE: The 52nd UNION conference “Optimizing community TB Active Case Finding (ACF)using the Delft Light Backpack (DLB): Preliminary results from a 6-month pilot in Nigeria”, Odume etal., KNCV Nigeria.