CXR screening with AI not only enhances the precision of TB screening but also optimizes GeneXpert use, reducing diagnostic costs and machine workload. Discover how CAD4TB aligns with radiologist expertise, providing high sensitivity in detecting TB, particularly in high-risk populations.

  • CXR screening with AI increases the quality and sensitivity of screening and allows for the use of the GeneXpert test only in CAD presumptive cases. The diagnostic costs are reduced as well as the workload of the machine so that it could also be used for COVID cases.
  • 65% of radiologists agreed with the CAD4TB outcome declaring that a population with a CAD4TB score ≥60 is abnormal (suspected TB). For patients with a CAD4TBscore <60, 98% of radiologists agreed with the CAD4TB outcome that these cases are normal.
  • “The CAD4TB is in line with the radiologists’ expertise and has good sensitivity in high-risk TB populations”.

REFERENCE: “Utilization of CAD4TB for Mass and Remote TB Screening in Indonesia”, Dr Lituhayu B.Putri, Fullerton Health Indonesia, presented at Delft Imaging’s Webinar on 14th October 2021