KNCV Nigeria’s use of portable digital X-rays with CAD in Delta state has significantly enhanced TB detection, with a high evaluation rate and notable TB yield among screened clients. This success underscores the potential of expanding PDX-CAD deployment for better TB control. Learn about the impact of this proactive case-finding approach.

Source: Sani Useni’s presentation ‘An Analysis of the Impact of Portable Digital X-ray on Tuberculosis Screening in Hard-to-Reach Communities in Nigeria’ Location: Nigeria // Organisation: The Union World Conference.

KNCV Nigeria has been implementing community active case-finding in the Delta state of Nigeria using portable digital X-rays with CAD (PDX-CAD). In 2022, clients were screened, and presumptive cases were identified using PDX-CAD. Identified presumptive TB clients are further evaluated using molecular WHO-recommended rapid diagnostic tests (mWRD).

A total of 14,280 clients were screened for TB using PDX-CAD. Presumptive clients identified were 1,426 (10%), and all (100%) were evaluated, which has been seen continuously with PDX-CAD intervention to achieve improved evaluation rates across states. The total clients confirmed to have TB were 19% (n=1426; 270), of which 76% (n=268; 204) were confirmed by expert evaluation of X-Ray film, 1% (n=268; 2) were diagnosed by Truenat MTB-RIF assay and 23% (n=268; 62) were diagnosed using Xpert MTB-RIF assay.

A high TB yield using PDX-CAD shows a substantial potential of the PDX-CAD to detect TB if more machines are deployed. Targeted ACF and support services improve health by promoting early, effective detection, enhancing therapy, and preventing the spread of TB.

REFERENCE: Wali, Y. (2023, November 15-18). The role of artificial intelligence in community active TB case-finding: a review of portable digital X-ray with computer-aided detection activities in Delta State, Nigeria [Conference session]. The Union World Conference on Lung Health 2023, Paris, France.