In 2022, USAID presented its tuberculosis roadmap overview for Zimbabwe. The report noted that there was progress in reducing the TB burden in the country, as Zimbabwe no longer ranked among the 30 high TB burdened countries in the world.

In 2020, the estimated TB burden was 29,000 cases, of which 16,019 TB cases (55%) were diagnosed and notified to the National Tuberculosis Program of Zimbabwe. Among the cases diagnosed and notified, 61% were men, 33% were women, and 6% were children. Additionally, Zimbabwe faces an estimated drug-resistant TB (DR-TB) burden of 1,200 cases, but only 231 (19%) of DR-TB cases were diagnosed and notified to the NTP in 2020.

Through the COVID-19 Response Mechanism (C19RM) by the Global Fund, the Ministry of Health and Child Care in Zimbabwe, in 2023, procured 31 multi-functional, stationary CompassDR X-ray systems and 14 mobile MAC X-ray systems. Each system was complemented with the CAD4TB artificial intelligence software, automatically detecting TB-related abnormalities on chest X-rays.

With 45 X-ray systems across the country, it was an infrastructural project to implement. Every X-ray system will be installed onsite, and centralised training sessions will be provided to each site’s users.

Making a difference

To ensure an effective service and support infrastructure in Zimbabwe, Delft Imaging works closely with its local in-country partner for rapid onsite support whenever needed.

For more information about how the CAD4TB solution is used in Zimbabwe, please view the story of ‘Targeted Screening for TB in Zimbabwe – Best Practices and Insights in Deploying Static and Mobile X-ray Machines’ by Dr Fungai Kavenga (Deputy Director in the AIDS and TB Unit (TB Control) as part of the Ministry of Health and Child Care and the National TB Control Programme in Zimbabwe. The story was presented during the Delft Q1 webinar of 2023.

Zimbabwe’s news channel, Health Times, covered the story on using CAD4TB within Zimbabwe.