The study highlights the effectiveness of the “WoW truck” and the Delft Light Backpack (DLB) in enhancing TB active case finding in Northern Cross River State, with the WoW truck demonstrating higher screening and diagnosis rates. Learn about the impact of these mobile TB screening interventions and their success in reaching and treating TB cases in hard-to-reach areas.

  • The study compares the impact of the “WoW truck,” equipped with a digital X-ray machine and the Delft Light Backpack (“DLB”), a portable digital X-ray that was transported via motorcycle to hard-to-reach areas.
  • The WoW and pilot DLB interventions under the USAID-funded TB LON project were deployed for active case finding in the same local government area (LGA) after one umbrella advocacy and community mobilisation visit.
  • From January 2022 to March 2022, TB ACF was carried out in 3 LGAs in Northern Cross River State. Of the 10,488 clients screened, 915 presumptive TB were identified, 911 were evaluated and 158 cases were diagnosed with TB. 156 were placed on treatment and notified to NTP.
  • The WoW truck contributed to 75% of screens, 69% of presumptive and 73% of TB cases diagnosed. Achievement across all indicators in the cascade for WoW exceeds those for DLB. Communities received similar information before outreaches, but client patronage was higher for WoW trucks.
  • The WoW truck is very conspicuous and self-announcing to people in the community hence the high level of patronage following advocacy visits to key community leaders.

REFERENCE: E. Chukwu et al. (2022, November 8-11). Using Wellness on Wheels trucks for community TB active case-finding in Northern Cross River, Nigeria. The UNION World Conference on Lung Health 2022.