The study in Kano state showed AI-powered chest X-ray screening is more effective and efficient than the WHO four-symptom screen for TB case finding, with significant cost savings and improved resource use. Learn how AI-aided CXR screening is revolutionizing early TB detection in community settings.

  • A study compared the use of chest X-ray (CXR) with AI-powered CAD and the WHO four-symptom screen (W4SS) to evaluate the added value and efficiency for community active TB case finding in Kano state.
  • Among those screened, 943 presumptive TB were found on CXR with CAD4TB (score >60) and 116 (12%) were diagnosed with TB. For symptom screening, 4,272 presumptive TB cases were identified and 115 (3%) were diagnosed with TB.
  • The difference in presumptive TB and case yield from both arms was statistically significant. The number needed to test (NNT) was 5 using the CXR screen and 39 using W4SS.
  • CXR screening with CAD4TB performs better than W4SS correlating with bacteriologic positive TB results. A lowered NNT bears the advantage of cost saving with more efficient use of sputum cups and Xpert cartridges.
  • Bringing to scale AI-aided CXR screening would be a cost-efficient way for early TB detection in similar settings.

REFERENCE M. Bajehson et al. (2022, November 8-11). The use of artificial intelligence software aided chest Xray screening for community active case finding in Kano, Nigeria. The UNION World Conference on Lung Health 2022