In Malawi, seven mobile units with EasyDR digital X-ray and CAD4TB, alongside GeneXpert, have been crucial in TB screening for high-risk populations in urban areas, diagnosing thousands from a large screened group. Discover how this approach is vital in identifying and treating TB effectively, emphasizing the need for expanded resources in active TB case finding.

  • Seven mobile diagnostic units equipped with EasyDR digital X-ray machines with CAD4TB software and GeneXpert have been deployed to urban cities to screen high-risk and vulnerable populations in Malawi.
  • Between March 2018 and December 2021, 395,279 individuals from high-risk groups were screened for TB. This includes 220,194 males (56%) and 175,085 females (44%). 53,638 presumptive TB cases were identified (14%). A total of 3,775 TB cases were diagnosed through the mobile TB screening unit.
  • Representing a yield of 955 per 100,000 (NNS:105). The yield is significant.
  • Active TB case finding of Systematic screening remains a priority area that needs more resources to find the missing TB cases. The use of CAD4TB best fits screening for large numbers of people and quicker identification of TB presumptive cases.

REFERENCE: I. Dambe (2022, April 7). Targeted Active TB case finding using mobile TB diagnostic units. New tools for TB detection, Delft Imaging webinar.