Ethiopia’s deployment of Delft’s mobile vans with digital X-ray and CAD4TB to pastoralist communities significantly enhanced TB screening, leading to numerous diagnoses and treatments. Discover how this initiative is driving the country’s efforts to improve TB care and consider nationwide expansion of such technologies.

  • Ethiopia introduced Delft’s mobile vans equipped with digital X-ray and CAD4TB and deployed these to pastoralist communities in 4 regions to improve access to TB screening services.
  • In six months (July to December 2021), over 5,400 people were reached. Of the 3,749 screened using digital X-ray and CAD4TB, 1,016 presumptive TB cases were tested by Xpert, 119 (11.7%) were bacteriologically confirmed with TB and 46 (27%) were clinically diagnosed with TB. All of them initiated TB care.
  • The results raise the interest in Ethiopia to increase the use of such new technologies nationwide, including in urban areas, to improve TB screening and TB elimination studies.

REFERENCE: D. Gemechu (2022, August 31). Introduction of CAD4TB in Ethiopian NTLP. New tools for TB detection: How to implement portable X-ray, CAD & AI technology, Delft Imaging webinar