12 December marks International Universal Health Coverage (UHC) Day, and the Stop TB Partnership’s Private Sector Constituency is proud to raise its voice alongside advocates around the world to call for essential health services for all, without financial hardship. As UHC encompasses the entire care continuum, from health promotion and prevention to treatment and palliative care, it will require unprecedented levels of political commitment and multisectoral cooperation.

Effective engagement of the private sector is absolutely central to advancing UHC. When the private sector brings its unique mix of resources, innovations, and expertise to the table, everyone wins. It was in this spirit that the Stop TB PSC has compiled its first collection of best practices in private sector engagement to advance the fight against TB.

This selection of best practices showcases the myriad and diverse ways in which members of the Stop TB PSC are contributing to the fight against TB—our hope is that these case studies will serve as inspiration for other private sector actors to leverage their unique resources and expertise in service of advancing the broader goal of essential health services for all.

Click here to find Stop TB PSC’s Best Practices Booklet

Turn to page (6) to learn about Delft’s best practice in utilising OneStopTB Clinic to conduct the very first TB prevalence survey that solely used AI software (CAD4TB) to detect presumptive TB cases, without the involvement of human expert readers. And page (16) for Delft’s supported programs chosen to be the best in its classes for Pakistan, Nigeria (with KNCV Nigeria) and Uganda (with Uganda National Tuberculosis & Leprosy Programme).