The Stop TB Partnership’s Global Drug Facility (GDF) announced the inclusion in its catalogue, for the first time ever; ultra-portable digital X-ray systems and software packages for the computer-aided detection (CAD) of tuberculosis (TB) based on artificial intelligence. The inclusion of these important digital tools to combat TB will be made available at a reduced cost to all TB programs.

GDF Catalogue is made available to provide an uninterrupted supply of quality-assured, affordable anti-TB drugs and diagnostics tools at sustainable prices. GDF operates a unique pool procurement system responding to the main barriers to quality-assured TB related product access:

  • Quality Control: Quality-assured products which meet World Health Organization‘s stringent standards.
  • Pool procurement: Rapid delivery times
  • Transparency: Web-based tracking of orders
  • Procurement & Supply management: In-country technical support on drug management, registration, and supply issues
  • Standardization and easy administration

Delft Light is an easy-to-set-up, portable X-ray system packed in a backpack for easy transport by car, motorcycle, or boat. The entire 30kg system runs on one high capacity rechargeable battery, capable of performing over 200 exposures on a fully charged battery. The Delft Light is specifically designed for use in areas with high ambient temperatures and elevated humidity. All its components can be powered by a portable solar panel included in the system, making it especially suitable for tuberculosis screening projects in remote locations.

CE certified for age 4+, CAD4TB is the world’s most validated and implemented CAD software for tuberculosis screening. CAD4TB provides an alternative to human interpretation of digital chest X-rays combining low-cost, quick digital X-rays with artificial intelligence. The CAD4TB software has scientifically been proven to help [non-expert] readers detect tuberculosis more accurately and cost-effectively. CAD4TB provides a score to reflect on possible abnormalities in the lungs and a heatmap showing where those abnormalities are located. CAD4TB can operate online or offline, and is currently used in over 41 countries, has been validated in over 50 publications and has screened over 8 million people globally.

When combining both solutions, Delft Imaging partners will benefit from simplified project management; training and installation support for both
X-ray and CAD solutions are integrated. Partners will also benefit from receiving combined delivery and after-sales assistance, providing seamless implementation support in the fight against TB.

Both of these solutions can now be easily procured at pre-negotiated prices here