We proudly announce that Delft Imaging Ghana is now certified with ISO 9001:2015 – Quality Management System. 


Our office in Ghana has been assessed and verified to maintain an organisational culture/management system that engages in a cycle of self-evaluation, customer satisfaction, and improvement of operations through heightened employee awareness, leadership, and commitment.


We conform to all the principles of quality management, including customer focus, leadership, employee engagement, process approach, improvement, evidence-based decision making, relationship management & risk-based thinking.


Our quality policy remains to satisfy the needs & expectations of our customers, in conformity to all applicable requirements, by understanding their needs and expectation and providing high-quality services during installation, training and maintenance, that meet or exceed all performance requirements, while promoting full employee involvement and empowerment and continual improvement of our Quality Management System (QMS) processes to maximise customer satisfaction.


With this new height, we’d like to thank our valued clients and partners for trusting our service and solution throughout these years. We are looking very much forward to working with you again in 2022 and beyond.  


ISO 9001_2015 Certificate