CAD (computer-aided detection) technologies can help improve TB screening and bridge the gap in finding close to three million of missing people with TB around the world annually. Thus in March2021, the WHO announced an update on its Systematic screening for TB guidelines which include the recommendation on CAD4TB as an alternative to human interpretation of digital chest X-rays for the first time.

The guidelines are accompanied by the WHO operational handbook on TB (Module 2) which includes further details for selecting and using CAD for screening in TB programs. CAD offers a promising solution for high-TB burden countries, however, in selecting an appropriate CAD product, it is advised that multiple aspects of technology and integration to the existing infrastructure is thoroughly considered.

Delft’s CAD4TB is the world’s first automated reading software for TB screening. CAD4TB is developed by Delft Imaging in cooperation with the Radboud University Nijmegen and the Lung Institute in Cape Town. CAD4TB had its first screening project in 2011 and received CE certifications by 2015. The involvement of academic researchers from the beginning demonstrates the intention to deliver a high-quality and reliable product. Hence, CAD4TB become one of the three products which was assessed by the WHO to make the CAD recommendation included in the TB screening guidelines. To date, CAD4TB is available in over 40 countries and has screened almost 8 million people globally. Together with Delft’s digital X-ray systems with various range of portability and CAD4TB, we renew our commitment to support TB program with innovative solutions and find missing people with TB.