Delft is part of a consortium which, with EDCTP funding, is trying to measure the impact of a TB/HIV household intervention by doing a prevalence survey. (for more info visit Treats Project website ). Our Delft Light was part of this prevalence survey!

With the Delft Light, it is in theory possible to do the screening process in a household. To try this out we have shipped our demo Delft Light system to Zambia. It only requires a small space or even a tent to set up the complete system.

In January we started with the training on how to assemble/disassemble, making an X-ray, CAD4TB, and more. After a short explanation, the radiographer was able to set up the complete system within 10 minutes.

We were very pleased to see the Delft Light put into force in Zambia and are looking forward to the coming results.