Laser Alignment

Now let’s get it straight and ready for our first client/patient/test.

Step 1
Set up the x-ray unit indoors at the SID you typically use, pointing to a wall or x-ray cassette. Use the tape measure attached to the x-ray unit to
confirm the correct SID.

Step 2
Turn on the MAIN POWER SWITCH. Turn on the collimator light and laser beams together by pressing the COLLIMATOR LIGHT ON BUTTON on the control panel.

Step 3
Make sure that the cross hair projected by the collimator lamp indicating the central ray is visible at this SID. Use the hex wrench to turn the adjustment screw for each laser beam to calibrate its position on the wall or x-ray cassette at your typical SID.
One laser projects a horizontal beam (―). The other laser projects a vertical beam ( | ). See below image for reference.

Step 4
One screw adjusts the laser beam UP and DOWN. Turning this screw clockwise adjusts the laser beam UP and DOWN. The other screw adjusts the laser
beam RIGHT and LEFT. When you have finished adjusting the position of the laser beams, a laser cross (+) should be visible superimposed on the cross hairs projected by the collimator lamp.

Well done! Let’s see how we use Delft Light on a daily basis then.