As a company -and with all the people within our team- we are watching with pain in our stomachs as the horrible situation in Ukraine unfolds.

Keeping up with everyday news makes you feel powerless. However, we want to do whatever is in our power to give our support to Ukraine. Several aid organisations in the Netherlands have joined forces under the umbrella of Giro555 to provide Ukraine with emergency aid & arrange shelter, food, medical care, and clean drinking water.

In the past couple of days, people within the Netherlands have already donated 9,8 million Euro to Giro555 under the initiative ‘together in action for Ukraine’. To help Giro555 facilitate the aid that is needed, we have donated 10,000 EUR from Delft Imaging.

As one small organisation we know we are only a drop in the bucket, but we hope that other individuals and companies will also be encouraged to participate in initiatives such as Giro555.

Giro555 is organised through Stichting Vluchteling , Cordaid , CARE Nederland , Kerk in Actie , Oxfam Novib , Save the Children Nederland , UNICEF , Rode Kruis Nederland , Plan International Terre des Hommes Netherlands ,World Vision